Workshop tickets on sale now: Engineering better hiring practices

We believe thoughtful engineering practices lead to quality, stability, and effectiveness.

We work with startups and established technology organisations to deliver cultural outcomes that drive business results. We do that by teaching, growing teams, and leading by example.

Growing teams

We work with engineering and HR teams to apply rigour, consistency, and predictability to your hiring process, level-up your engineers, and reduce churn from juniors to senior leaders.

We coach tech leads in effective management practices, and we improve overall engineering processes. We partner with you to develop and maintain a lasting culture of learning that can attract great candidates, engage and motivate your team, deliver better results in less time, and increase the team's retention rate. We guide organisation-wide implementation of OKRs.

Associate Developer onboarding program

We help you onboard new developers, while providing them with the support they need. It diversifies your team and improves retention. The structure shapes your development team environment to be more supportive for new developers, mitigates the costs of integrating them, and lets everyone do better work, write better code, and create better products.


We offer workshops on leading engineering teams , engineering better hiring practices , and building empathy for remote teams. We also offer technical training on topics such as TDD, in Ruby on Rails, advanced Git workflows, and refactoring.

Leading by example

We work directly with your engineering and product teams. We serve as role models and mentors while delivering features and improving code maintainability. We also review your codebase and provide an assessment.

Our process

Blackmill is a software engineering practice consultancy focused on deliberate development. We believe thoughtful engineering practices lead to quality, stability, and effectiveness.

The best way to make software is to constantly seek for new efficiencies, new improvements. There is always room for growth. Blackmill helps you review your engineering practice to identify its key strengths and core weaknesses. We help you learn and grow.

An engineering practice has three major components. People, Philosophy, Processes. These are the meta structures of how a technology organisation does its work. People enact Philosophy via Processes.

Our purpose

Blackmill exists because we believe that software engineering can be done better. Now we're bringing all our experience together under one roof.

Our values

We believe in people, in learning, and in clear and open communication. We do what we love. We make time to do it right.

Lachlan and the Blackmill team have been an important resource for us, helping us launch a number of key projects, such as our plugin directory and careers site. They’ve let our product team stay focused on their existing projects, fit in with our existing dev tools and processes, and their management experience means they’ve been proactive, self-managing and extremely communicative. Would recommend them to any team in a heartbeat.

Tim Lucas , Founder & CPO at Buildkite

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