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Scaling is hard. Your business is finally getting somewhere but you're finding it harder to ship. Deciding what to do next and getting agreement takes longer than it used to.

It was easier when you did the work. It was more straightforward. Back then, the team took autonomy and got things done. Now you have teams under you to do the work. It is harder to get alignment and define clear priorities for upcoming projects. Delivery has become a struggle. As everything has slowed down, risks feel larger. If you only ship once a month you can't afford to ship the wrong things. You have to ship the right stuff. Everything takes more planning. More debate. More conflict. You now need to communicate more, and with more peers and teams. It doesn't feel like you're getting anywhere.

We work with tech orgs to improve leadership, culture, and ultimately, performance. With decades of leadership experience in technology orgs, we have a deep understanding of the challenges that startups and scaleups face. We know what is required to succeed in a fast-paced industry that requires constant iteration and collaboration.

We will lead change and level up your engineering practices to support a high performing team. We give you practical tools you can start using right away.

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We offer highly-effective, proven, in-demand training in our


We offer technical leadership coaching ideal for technology leaders who have experienced a recent change in circumstances or are experiencing new challenges, and are unsure what to do next.

We also offer executive counsel to help you advance your product engineering org.


We provide consulting and customised support within your organisation, from developing your strategic vision and values, to hiring practices, to smoother delivery cycles.

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