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We know the human element of helping tech teams collaborate better

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  • help your teams ship again
  • help everyone communicate better
  • help you get shit done

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As technology leaders, we've been asked to scale our teams as well as our technology. We know what it felt like when we fell short. Now, we help you address those same challenges.

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As well as excellent attention to detail, quality of work and communication, the most surprising thing about working with Elle and Blackmill are the benefits you get in addition to the stated project or programme.

In our case this was a modelled interview process designed to be inclusive and objective but also efficient. I highly recommend working with Elle and Blackmill and would be happy to expand on this recommendation in person.

Stu Liston, Head of Engineering, Qantas Hotels

We share what we know, seek to learn more, and strive for continuous improvement.

Through our workshops, coaching, and community of practice we provide an empathetic sounding board for strategy implementation, encourage leaders to see other perspectives, and broaden their thoughts on a specific topic. We help them to identify gaps in their knowledge, improve their communication skills, add clarity to their messages, and overall become better leaders. Our approach and advice is tailored to the leader’s challenges and circumstances.

We help leaders foster a growth mindset for continuous improvement, and empower them to do their best work.

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