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As your company grows, there are inflections points where you need to reconsider how you lead and operate as a company. Somewhere between 15-50 people company, as a leader, you can no longer hold everything in your head anymore. You might start feeling sentimental about the old days. Existing systems start to crack. At that tipping point, you have to start thinking systemically about how information is passed around and should focus on the message received. You're unsure how to change the status quo and start making a difference.

We work with startups, scale-ups, and established tech companies help improve existing processes by engaging with all stakeholders and provide guidance for better results. We support team growth, expansion, and building healthy cultures to increase employee engagement and performance.

We will be your thought partner in nurturing a healthy culture that is adaptive, resilient, and ready for growth. We help you lead change, and level up your engineering practices to support a high performing team.

Bring Blackmill into your organisation, applying our experience and expertise to help shape strategy at the organisational level.

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Elle and Lachlan's coaching has been a huge help as we've been scaling and formalising the engineering team at Raisely. They've been able to play the role of coach, mentor and consultant in a blend that I've found incredibly valuable. I've yet to come across another organisation that can coach at a personal level and also give tailored advice shaped by their domain knowledge.

Their ability to listen, understand, empathise and advise is wonderful. I always leave our sessions with a clearer view on the long term vision, an understanding of the reasons for moving in a particular direction, and an actionable set of next steps to get there. Their advice is always tailored to our team and circumstances, and never feels like generic one-size-fits-all advice.

If you're in a similar position to myself, and trying to figure out how to formalise a technlogy team at a growing startup, Elle and Lachlan are the people to get you there!

Nick Pedersen, Head of Engineering, Raisely

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