What we give

One of our values is that we involve people we love. To us, this means spending time with our families, and investing in our communities. We participate and contribute where we can, to our communities, to events, and with donations.



As long-time members of the global and Australian Ruby, JavaScript, and web standards communities, we have a long history of participation in those communities. Elle has run multiple Ruby Conferences and Rails Camps, and served as a member of Ruby Australia. Lachlan has also served on the Ruby Australia committee, as Vice-President and as a general member. Together, they ran USA Rails Camp East in 2016.

In 2018, they served as advisors to the organisers of the inaugural Levels Conf. Australia’s first conference dedicated to supporting software developers new to the industry.

In 2020, Elle served as Treasurer of Maribyrnong Kinder .


We state in our values that we share our profits with charities we believe in. We commit 1% of last year's revenue to be distributed on a quarterly basis.

Charities we have donated to over the years:

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