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Leadership coaching

Grow your leadership potential with a practiced thought partner

As a leader you believe you should know the answers. You feel responsibility and ownership to drive work forward. You aim to make perfect decisions but get bogged down and you keep finding caveats. You might not have clear priorities from stakeholders which makes it challenging to communicate clarity to your team. You are unhappy with the status quo and unsure how to make change happen. As a leader, you have a lot on your plate and are time-poor, you don’t feel like you are across all the ongoing projects.

We have been through the kinds of problems you are facing and have developed tools, strategies, and methodologies to help you navigate your current challenges.

Let us support you to grow your capabilities, strengthen your skills so you can overcome your current challenges and approach future ones with more confidence and resilience. With leadership coaching you will increase your effectiveness, and inspire engagement from everyone around you.

Our leadership coaching is typically one hour, delivered online, every two weeks. This lets you stay on top of your responsibilities, while frequent enough to develop the skills you need to meet the challenges of the moment.

The benefits

  • Level up your strategy and planning to engage at a higher level.
  • Troubleshoot your specific circumstances whether that’s managing down or managing up.
  • Work through challenges and come up with better considered options to move forward.
  • Strengthen your leadership by working to identify and address any gaps or underused skills.
  • Build resilience for stress management and change adaptability.
  • Support your team better.
  • Give yourself access to dedicated, independent, and best practice personal development to reflect, practice, and grow as a leader.

Elle and Lachlan's coaching has been a huge help as we've been scaling and formalising the engineering team at Raisely. They've been able to play the role of coach, mentor and consultant in a blend that I've found incredibly valuable. I've yet to come across another organisation that can coach at a personal level and also give tailored advice shaped by their domain knowledge.

Their ability to listen, understand, empathise and advise is wonderful. I always leave our sessions with a clearer view on the long term vision, an understanding of the reasons for moving in a particular direction, and an actionable set of next steps to get there. Their advice is always tailored to our team and circumstances, and never feels like generic one-size-fits-all advice.

If you're in a similar position to myself, and trying to figure out how to formalise a technlogy team at a growing startup, Elle and Lachlan are the people to get you there!

Nick Pedersen, Head of Engineering, Raisely

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I have been doing 1:1 coaching with Lachlan on a fortnightly cadence for the past 6 months. During this time, we have created and shared ideas, tackled all kinds of issues from people to technical and he has majorly assisted in growing my skills and confidence as a leader.

I couldn't recommend Lachlan enough!

Matt, Head of Customer Experience

When I started a new role with a growing tech startup eight months ago, I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility of managing others. Coming from a non-technical, non-corporate background meant that I didn’t have the context or confidence to succeed. My coaching sessions with Lachlan from Blackmill have given me the confidence boost I needed to get the job done.

Learning to manage people isn’t a rote process; it draws from our self-awareness and good judgement as much as it relies on specific actions. Internalising these skills - really *getting* them, not just going through the motions - requires that you learn experientially, by watching others who are adept at this work and taking the right steps to practice and grow confidence.

For the past eight months, Lachlan has modelled best-practice approaches by guiding me through the emergent issues and tricky situations I’ve encountered at work. His patient, insightful approach has allowed me to experience and understand the value of the skills he teaches. And as we’ve progressed, he’s grown my confidence and given me room to practice for myself, with the safety that comes from having strong support close to hand.

I can’t imagine what my experience would have been like without this process, and I recommend him to anyone who wishes to tread a deliberate, self-aware path towards being an excellent manager.

Georgie, Project Manager

Elle brings clarity, honestly, and empathy to our discussions about engineering management challenges. I've been fortunate to benefit from her experience and judgement on a variety of issues including strategic thinking, capacity planning, and conflict resolution.

As our team and mission grow I'm often encountering new challenges (or bigger versions of prior challenges) and Elle's counsel has helped me navigate these situations with greater confidence.

Geoff Harcourt, CTO, CommonLit

I wanted to express my gratitude for the role Elle played as a sounding board in our mentorship sessions over the past 4–5 months.

Your willingness to listen and provide thoughtful feedback has been beneficial to me. Being able to bounce ideas off you and discuss challenges has not only clarified my thinking but has also led to more informed decisions.

I appreciate you putting effort into keeping our sessions well organized and documented. Being able to refer back to the notes has been really helpful to me.

Zenab Bohra, Engineering Manager, Canva

Elle and Lachlan’s feedback and advice have been instrumental in navigating my director role and helping us shape our engineering culture. They carry their values of empathy and continuous growth close to their hearts and apply them conscientiously to their work. Their experienced insights have helped me take my work and responsibilities to the next level. If you need help in fostering a growth mindset and healthy culture for your engineering team(s), you’re in great hands.

Antoine Macia, Technical Director, PHORIA

Blackmill's consulting sessions have been super valuable for us — they're coaches and friends rolled in to one! They've been an honest and empathetic sounding board for our strategy around hiring, culture and operations, and with their help we've made significant improvements in hiring, remuneration and delivery over the last six months.

Gavin Ballard, CEO, Disco Labs

I've been working with Elle and Lachlan for the better part of a year as myself and a colleague moved into engineering management positions for the first time. The regular coaching and mentoring was extremely valuable in helping me transition from a focus on technical leadership to being responsible for a larger team's wellbeing, productivity, and career progression. Our company has also seen lots of improvements to our development, hiring, and technical support processes based on Elle and Lachlan's guidance.

Justin King, Software Engineering Manager, Biarri Networks

Managing a development team is hard. Blackmill helped me identify gaps in my knowledge, and work on them to become a better leader. They took the time to learn who I was, and tailored their approach to my existing knowledge, learning style and our company culture. Highly recommended.

Daniel Kinsman, Software Engineering Manager, Biarri Networks

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