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Often the majority of leaders are not provided with the support they need to become more self-aware, skilled and emotionally intelligent leaders, and communicators. They know their craft from a technical perspective, but are less confident when it comes to managing stakeholders, peers, and teams. These skills are absolutely fundamental for great leadership as it involves navigating a whole range of important relationships and conversations with other people. Successful leadership requires you to be really good at the "people" stuff. We provide coaching and training to support you to grow your authentic leadership style so that you, your team, and company can flourish.

Blackmill training is the first time that I've undertaken formal leadership training in my career, and it blew me away in terms of the breadth, depth, and quality of the content that was covered in such a short space of time. It brought together all of the key points, tools, ideas, and mindsets that I had slowly experienced over the years, as well as introducing me to new frameworks and tools that will greatly enhance my leadership abilities. Elle and Lachlan facilitated the sessions in a guided insightful fashion that drew out excellent conversations, perspectives and insights from our cohort.

This workshop provides new leaders with the mindset, insights, and a practical toolkit to kick start their leadership journey with confidence, insightfulness, and empathy. For experienced leaders it provides a valuable overview of leadership, and plugs gaps that may exist or have formed in their leadership style. Reminding them of areas they may be neglecting and giving them insights they might not have had. It provides everyone with a modern well researched toolkit to act immediately with.

Susan Brander, Co-founder and CTO, Kaleida

bespoke workshops

Our customised workshops can be tailored for your team and organisation based on your needs and goals. We have delivered successful customised workshops for small to large organisations with long lasting positive outcomes.

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