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We have been delivering highly-effective, proven, in-demand training experiences for over seven years.

We deliver remote workshops where you learn by actively engaging in the topics. Our training courses are crafted to involve participants in the learning process: small and large group discussions, activities and exercises, and opportunities to practice and apply the presented concepts.

Between jobs, I recently decided to take Blackmill's Leading Engineering Teams workshop. I'm glad I did.

There was much to engage in; the material is well-researched and is informed by extensive experience in the subject matter. It was packed with practical information any attendee could apply immediately and feel confident. Attendees come away with a wealth of resources, including links to excellent research and literature. Lachlan and Elle are specialists in the subject matter and are excellent presenters. They facilitated the workshop with intelligence and heart. Edward the cat made a few guest appearances, his feline charisma enhancing the learning experience.

For me, attending this program became an episode of deep, generative learning. I believe it was Homer Simpson who once said, "It works on so many levels". As someone who has worked in leadership positions for decades, I found myself reflecting and reordering the pieces of my leadership jigsaw puzzle, and even incorporated some brand new pieces. I believe the material will stay with me for some time to come and inform my ongoing growth as a leader. Sincerely, thank you.

Mark Ratjens, Software Development Leader

bespoke workshops

Our customised workshops can be tailored for your team and organisation based on your needs and goals. We have delivered successful customised workshops for small to large organisations with long lasting positive outcomes.

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This is the best leadership course out there on the market.

Super specific, no fluff and incredibly impactful.

Christine Chiang, Global Marketing Lead, Lumi Interactive

Elle and Lachlan have a knack for creating a safe learning environment and helping participants of all levels get involved. I left their workshop inspired, with a few new tools under my belt and the confidence to put them in practice.

They know the web community inside-out so speakers they bring in are top notch. Would highly recommend them to any development team looking to level up.

Steve Gilles, Founder, Lookahead

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