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We believe in trust, transparency, and autonomy. This is necessary for any project to be successful for both parties. We do not do hourly billing because it can be inaccurate, puts the risk solely on the client, and potentially hurt client relationships. Our pricing is based on the value of work and the results that you will receive from us. Therefore the price that we provide you will be fixed for the entire project, enabing you to make an informed decision.

Consulting involves various levels of engagement such as providing the client with information, redefining or diagnosing problems, making recommendations, and solving problems on behalf of a client. The following packages offer different levels of involvement to match your goals, challenges, and unique needs:

Strategy roadmap

  • We facilitate a discovery sprint where we deep dive into your business challenges in order to understand what is required to achieve your desired goals.
  • We collaborate with you in setting strategies and creating a roadmap for you to execute. We remain engaged and involved in the process, ensuring things are moving along and are on track.
  • We provide you with information in the form of a report and a plan on how to move forward, which you can use to implement and make a reality.

Advisory retainer

  • Everything from Strategy roadmap, and
  • Advisory and coaching in the following areas: product, delivery, agile, OKRs, software engineering, architecture, tech debt, executives, career, growth and/or retention, change management, and more.
  • We provide ongoing consultation on implementation of the strategic plan and contemporary initiatives.
  • We work with your engineering and leadership teams to empower trust, confidence, ownership, accountability, and stability in preparation for change and company growth.
  • Facilitate productive and efficient communication between all business units.
  • We engage with you and stakeholders to provide executive-level advice on a weekly basis.
  • We ensure that we are available to provide ongoing advice for ad hoc concerns.
  • Examples of initiatives may include engineering org assessment, leadership coaching, executive briefing, stakeholder briefing, review of hiring processes, staffing and onboarding program, team topology review, transformation coaching, and more.

Consult and execute: variable

  • Everything from Advisory retainer, and
  • This is our complete from start-to-end service where we work closely with you and your team to identify problems, explore solutions, define roadmaps, and execute the plans.
  • We own the project to minimise the loss of momentum for your business.
  • We lay the foundation and groundwork for change, growth, and sustainability.
  • Price is based on the specific service and desired outcome
  • Examples of where we can help include define organisational structure, vision, and values, design organisational systems and product delivery cycles, provide fractional COO and/or CTO services to support startups or business growth while you figure what you really need, support scaling teams, growth, and expansion, support building a healthy culture, guilds, and communities, improve or create solid hiring practices for inclusion and diversity, develop a career progression rubric, standardise engineering team remuneration, calibrate performance management, implement metrics to track ongoing improvement, and more.

Want to work with us? Here's the process:

  1. Book in a chat with us at
  2. Tell us about your business, your challenges, and what you'd like to achieve. Notes will be taken on our end but feel free to share your brief if you have one. We encourage that you provide us with a budget in this meeting, so that we can cater our recommendations to fit that number.
  3. Once we have a solid understanding of your goals, we will work on a proposal that will address your challenges, and provide options for you to consider.
  4. We will schedule another chat to explain why we recommend those options, and answer any questions that you may have. We will also discuss steps forward and follow up dates.

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We live on, and benefit from, the colonised lands of the Arakwal and the Minjungbal peoples of the Bundjalung nation, and those of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of these lands and recognise their enduring connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present.