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Bespoke workshops

While we offer a host of pre-designed workshops, we understand that there are times when only a tailor-made solution works. Our bespoke workshops are designed to meet your organisation’s specific needs and allow you to develop towards desired outcomes. We work with you to ensure that this is the right training at the right time for your team.

We work with you, to assess challenges and the requirements to develop and up skill your team. Together, we tailor the curriculum with clear learning objectives. From one or two hour sessions to full-day workshops, we customise the structure of the workshops to suit your team's schedule, and make learning fun and interactive.

At Culture Amp we engaged Blackmill to help us with some upskilling around Ruby, Rails, and TDD.

Elle was amazing in this engagement. She connected with a large number of people across our engineering group to fully understand our needs and ensure the training would have the greatest impact for us.

Grounded in this listening she then pulled together a really effective training course and delivered it to a cohort of engineers. People who attended found the course very engaging and it provided really effective learning for them. It was very interactive, involved lots of pairing, and built connections between people in addition to the Ruby learning.

Elle's experience and capability in building high quality maintainable systems in Ruby and Rails is super high. And she is a wonderful teacher who has a lot of empathy for people. I'm grateful that we were able to have this opportunity for a bunch of our engineers to learn from her.

Paul Hughes, Director of Engineering Enablement, Culture Amp

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Working with Blackmill was a huge help. As a startup, speed and growth is our strength as well as a challenge - but training and ongoing support with the Blackmill team really got us through some critical times!

Their tech experience and ability to personalise the approach based on our needs and timeline was so appreciated.

Lauren Clinnick, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Lumi Interactive

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