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Organisational culture does not happen by happenstance. It is the result of thoughtful leadership, and is aimed to align and support the business strategy.

Elle and Lachlan’s feedback and advice have been instrumental in navigating my director role and helping us shape our engineering culture. They carry their values of empathy and continuous growth close to their hearts and apply them conscientiously to their work. Their experienced insights have helped me take my work and responsibilities to the next level. If you need help in fostering a growth mindset and healthy culture for your engineering team(s), you’re in great hands

Antoine Macia , Technical Director, PHORIA

It is easier to restructure your organisation's hierarchy than it is to change its people's mindsets, behaviours, and attitudes, ie your culture. That's the part that needs work, and attention, but the results are tenfold. Better leaders improve culture by increasing team engagement, job satisfaction, and teamwork. They improve trust, transparency, and build a stronger leadership pipeline.

Coaching emphasises active listening rather than lecturing, asking the right questions rather than providing answers, and presenting leaders and teams with various options rather than giving directions. This is designed to help leaders and their teams maximise available resources to pursue the goals they set themselves. Coaching creates self-awareness, helps drive vital change, and provides critical challenge in a supportive environment.

Leadership coaching is working with the leaders of an organisation to help them maximise their abilities and lead their teams well. It will help you become a better leader that engages and elicits involvement from everyone around you.

I've been working with Elle and Lachlan for the better part of a year as myself and a colleague moved into engineering management positions for the first time. The regular coaching and mentoring was extremely valuable in helping me transition from a focus on technical leadership to being responsible for a larger team's wellbeing, productivity, and career progression. Our company has also seen lots of improvements to our development, hiring, and technical support processes based on Elle and Lachlan's guidance.

Justin King , Software Engineering Manager, Biarri Networks

The benefits of coaching

Coaching brings new insights into various problems. Questions and discussions can highlight deeper problems, and help you overcome them with more creative solutions. It encourages you to see other perspectives, and broaden your thoughts on a specific topic. Coaching can improve your communication skills, and add clarity to your messages. Coaching targets any aspects you could use help with to provide improvements in attitudes and abilities. It empowers you to do your best work.

Where leaders are coached, they will take those skills to their teams, resulting in a culture of coaching throughout their organisation. Developing a coaching culture builds learning agility at all levels, giving organisations the necessary resiliency to face various challenges that come along. A coaching culture maximises a leader’s time by using just-in-time learning to focus on the individual’s needs. Leadership development does not take place in a classroom, but every day in the workplace.

Our leadership development coaching is delivered online, allowing for flexibility to meet your personal needs.

We base our coaching price on $300 AUD per person per hour, plus GST. More people per session is more costly, but somewhat discounted.

Participants Rate per hour Discount Total per session
1 $300 AUD   0% $300, plus GST
2 $300 AUD 10% $540, plus GST
3 $300 AUD 20% $720, plus GST
4 $300 AUD 30% $840, plus GST
5 $300 AUD 40% $900, plus GST

A six-month coaching package for one person consists of twelve fortnightly one-hour sessions and costs $3,600 AUD, plus GST. You can buy one below, or contact us to talk about other options.

You can also book a 30-minute intro chat with us to see if we are a fit.

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