Blackmill Book Club

Starting January 22nd, Elle Meredith and I will be facilitating an informal book club at 12pm GMT+10 each Tuesday.

The idea is to explore with others concepts we’re interested in that intersect with our work. A friendly conversation over lunch about software, leadership, and engineering practices. Everyone is welcome.

While we don’t normally advocate eating at your desk, it’s no problem if you want to nosh while on videochat. We probably will be too!

The structure is thoroughly subject to iteration as we learn what works, but here’s an initial outline:

  1. Read the agreed-upon reading.
  2. Grab your lunch and join us online at 12pm on a Wednesday:
  3. Each week we’ll rotate facilitation and note-taking duties.
  4. Be prepared to listen to people’s opinions of the reading and to express your own.
  5. Hopefully we’ll wander off into the weeds and learn from people’s related experiences.

We’ll start with the introduction and first chapter of Camille Fournier’s The Manager’s Path. In future, the group will determine what book to read (and how much each week).

You don’t need to RSVP, but if you’d like a calendar invite that contains the chat details etc, hit me up at or send me feedback on how to improve this idea!

Update: We’re tracking our notes and the discussions in a GitHub repository here:

You can keep with the reading for the latest session via the Issues:

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