What we do

We work with startups and established technology organisations to deliver cultural outcomes that drive business results.


We work with you to understand your context and customise approaches for your organisational goals and business needs. We help you define and evolve a thriving organisational and team culture.

Technical leadership coaching

We coach tech leaders in effective management practices, to become engaging, thoughtful, and inclusive leaders. We partner with the tech leaders to develop and maintain a lasting culture of learning that can attract great candidates, engage and motivate the engineering team, deliver better products in less time, and increase team's retention rate.

Associate developer onboarding program

We can help you hire, onboard and support associate developers onto your teams. This program shapes your development team environment to be more supportive for new developers, mitigates the costs of integrating them, and lets everyone do better work, write better code, and create better products.

Product development

We work directly with your engineering and product teams to deliver to your roadmap. We serve as role models and mentors while delivering features and improving code maintainability.

Codebase reviews

We analyse and review your codebase to help you understand its current state, scope of technical debt, and any potential process bottlenecks. We look for code architecture design flaws, test coverage, code churn and complexity, potential vulnerabilities, god objects that should be broken down into smaller objects, and other Rails anti-patterns.

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We live on, and benefit from, the colonised lands of the Wurundjeri peoples. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of these lands and recognise their enduring connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present.