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Next level leadership

Become a leader of leaders

Senior level leadership requires a different skill set and capacity than what you've been used to so far. You have already learnt how to manage your team, and are an experienced leader. But you are facing a new challenge, how to lead other leaders. You need to think more strategically, communicate more persuasively, and act more decisively.

Learn how to empower people and lead self-managed work teams with distributed leadership functions. Develop rules, guidelines, and habitual routines, provide motivational incentives, set strong objectives and mission, and lastly develop an appropriate and healthy work climate.

This workshop is most suited to people who have done our Leading engineering teams, engineering directors or experienced leaders who would like to learn about leading in bigger environments, hyper-growth organisations, where you need to start looking at the bigger picture and think in systems.

Workshop structure

The workshop will have no more than ten people so we can really explore the material. Through a series of presentations, group discussions, and scenario-based role-plays, you will work with others, share experiences, and learn together.


Getting to know you

Before the workshop, we will schedule 30-minutes to learn more about you, your organisation, your team, and your goals.

Day 1

  • Strategic thinking
  • Define, communicate, and lead towards vision

Day 2

  • People Development
  • Inclusive Leadership

Day 3

  • System thinking
  • Leading change and transformation

Code of conduct

Like all our events, this workshop is covered by our code of conduct and joining us assumes your agreement to be bound by the code.

Join us, because thoughtful engineering practices lead to quality, stability, and effectiveness.

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