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Scaling engineering teams

Unlock team performance

You have found a good product with strong market fit, so how do you scale from an early stage startup to be the next unicorn? Even though you're a startup where there is so much to do and never enough time, you can build and grow a high performing team with forethought and intention. You can address the diversity debt from the start.

Diverse inclusive teams matter. Maintaining and growing your team is a key challenge. But in a highly competitive landscape, where top talent is seemingly a scarce resource, how do you attract, but also keep hold of and develop great team members?

This workship will help you address the challenges of growing and scaling an engineering function. It will teach you how to build an incluive culture as and maintain it as you grow. It will provide you with a comprehensive guide to hiring best practices. And once you hire those amazing people, it will help you to onboard them properly, and support them to do great work.

Workshop structure

The workshop will have no more than ten people so we can really explore the material. Through a series of presentations, group discussions, and scenario-based role-plays, you will work with others, share experiences, and learn together.


Getting to know you

Before the workshop, we will schedule 30-minutes to learn more about you, your organisation, your team, and your goals.

Day 1

  • Build culture as you grow
  • Scale teams in the digital economy

Day 2

  • Define a better hiring process

Day 3

  • Onboard new people for better integration, perofrmance, and retention
  • Retain talent that will become your brand advocate

Code of conduct

Like all our events, this workshop is covered by our code of conduct and joining us assumes your agreement to be bound by the code.

Join us, because thoughtful engineering practices lead to quality, stability, and effectiveness.

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